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F3 Advisors

Q4 2022 Review & Forecast


F3 Advisors

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AAII Webinar - Dec 2. 2023

AAII - Metals Fortification

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F3 Advisors

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F3 Advisors

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Welcome To  F3 Advisors

All of us at F3Advisors are financial and investment professionals that care deeply about your personal liberties.  We understand that helping you fortify your finances will help you maintain your liberties and keep you independent.

Money and markets are increasingly governed by central planning that creates money out of thin air, sets policies, and drives human behavior.  While a fun and rewarding adventure for some, many others find themselves confused (or captured) and looking for solutions to grow and protect what they have spent a life time earning, saving, investing.

F3 Advisors team-members are independent advisors with complimentary backgrounds whose life passion is the same: helping you navigate the increasingly complex financial system.     We help you arrange your financial, business and estate affairs in a manner designed to seek growth and protect your wealth.

Grow and protect. It is that simple. The rest is just details.

Reach out to us and we'll help you fortify your finances... and your lives. 

The F3 Advisor Team

About Us

At F3 Advisors, we believe education is key, and a plan is a powerful tool.

Reaching long-term financial objectives hinges on individual investors having the right plan -- one that fits your unique circumstances and grows with you.  And for business owners, offering meaningful investment benefits to valued employees is best accompanied by strategies that protect your own liability.  We get it. 

Our Goal

Our Goal:  To provide sane and independent financial advice and asset management in an increasingly insane world.

We work with individuals and small businesses to guide them through their financial journey honestly, diligently, effectively and passionately. 

Consider us your personal Sherpas ... working to guide you up your mountain of wealth and prevent you from falling off the other side.  Mission:  'Grow ... and Protect'!!

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Tools in Our Toolbox

  • Basic and Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Investment Strategies Designed to 'Grow and Protect'
  • Tax-Saving Tactics and Tax-Efficient Investment Strategies
  • Retirement Plan Services for Businesses and their Employees
  • Insurance Strategies for Businesses and Individuals
  • Estate Planning Guidance and Collaboration
  • Late-stage College Planning

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What You Get

  • Dedication to Integrity and Diligence
  • In-depth Understanding of how 'markets' really work
  • Absence of Bias:  We are 'Independent' … and proud of it!
  • Commitment to excellence: by Certified Financial Planner Professional® standards
  • Financial Game Plans designed using sound products and services

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Grow and protect. It is that simple.

The rest is just details.

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