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Important Information About Us!

We work with individuals and small businesses to guide them through their financial journey honestly, diligently, effectively and passionately. 

Our Goal:  To provide sane and independent financial advice and asset management in an increasingly insane world.

Central banks have been good for investment portfolios (perhaps until now), but we are not fans of the distortions they create.  Their interventions have turned time-tested investment strategies into a game of figuring out how much money they will create, which asset prices will be goosed, and how long it can last. History books are chock full of examples of the many problems central banks create, including most societal problems quite visible in today's world.  Wealth and income inequality are at records for a reason.

We care deeply about the quality of life of our clients and work to coach them through the environment at hand via comprehensive financial planning and investment management that includes both traditional 'strategic' allocation solutions and 'tactical' solutions that strive to hedge them if things fall apart.  Grow and protect.  It is that simple.  The rest is just details.

Tools in our Toolbox:

  • Basic Financial Planning
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning 
  • Tax-Saving Tactics and Tax-Efficient Investment Strategies
  • Retirement Plan Services for Businesses and their Employees
  • Insurance Strategies for Businesses and Individuals
  • Estate Planning guidance

What You Get:

  • Dedication to Integrity and Diligence
  • In-depth Understanding of How Markets really Work
  • Absence of Bias:  We are 'Independent' … and proud of it!
  • Commitment to excellence: by Certified Financial Planner® Professionals
  • Financial Game Plans designed using sound products and services

Where We Are:

41 West Bridge Street, Suite B, Dublin OH 43017

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