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Reserve Currency Status - The Biggest Issue Few See

The Fourth Turning shines light on the pattern throughout history where major societal shifts take place every four generations or so ... a 'Turning'.  Logically, by the time the fourth generation has run its course, there are very few alive that experienced, recall and can communicate the events of the Prior Turning.  As 'History is written by the victors', it is not a leap to note that history books are full of narrative, not reality.  Not sure?  Go look at the public narrative being taught about recent history versus the reality as you know it, and lived it.  History books carry the narratives that mainstream media first proliferate, and how many of those have you first hand found to be categorically false?  Assess the trust in mainstream media today and you have your answer.  

One of the biggest factors looming for a potential Turning today is the status of the US Dollar as the world's Reserve Currency.  It is all we have known, and only students of history recognize it is not only a temporary privilege for any society, but 'turns' with great impact on its society.  Prudent investors learn about what is not taught in schools, likely deliberately, and take steps to fortify against an impact of the loss of the Reserve Currency.  Catch up on recent developments, videos first, articles below:


Why The World Is Dumping The American Dollar

Most of America has lost (or never had to begin with) an understanding of how fiat currencies, and in particular the Reserve Currency which is held by the world as 'sound money' and used to clear trade. With the Reserve come great privileges and quality of life. Without the Reserve, those advantages dissipate. The other inhabitants of the world are more keenly aware of this issue than we are in America. In their own words:

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